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Kimba The White Lion - Vol 4

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A fan favorite for years, this series is again available. Unlike today's other "children's" shows which are utterly devoid of meaning, Kimba stands alone... and it's now back to show new generations how good a show can be. Also, you might see for yourself the similarities to another big-screen picture about a lion king. 31. CITY OF GOLD. There once was an ancient city where all the buildings were made of gold. Many years ago a great earthquake buried it and it was never seen again. On an expedition to Twin Skull Cave by Kimba, Bucky, and the animal school, they learn that Tom and Tab are trapped in the cave from which no one has ever returned. Kimba must go after them. Harrowing adventures befall Kimba in his quest to find a way out of the cave for Tom and Tab and himself, including the discovery of the City of Gold and a scuffle with two human fortune hunters, Gold and Rush. Only a new earthquake provides them with a fortuitous opening from the cave and the destruction of the City of Gold forever. 32. THE LAST POACHER. Seymour Hart is a ranger on the huge reservation where people can come from all over the world to see the animals of Africa living in their element. But the ranger's job of protecting the animals has been made very difficult by the bands of poachers that attack the animals for fun and profit. Kimba manages to save Seymour after he was badly wounded. Together with Dan'l Baboon, Bucky, and Pauley Cracker, they nurse him back to health and join him in tracking down the leader of the gang of outlaw hunters, called The Devil Man. Bucky and Pauley let themselves get caught in order to find out where The Devil Man's hideout is. Pauley escapes, finds Kimba and the rangers, and the Last Poacher is downed. 33. JUNGLE JUSTICE. When Harold Heron disappears during a storm, his mother suspects foul play and accuses Clunker, the new Hippo. Many stories are told of Clunker's unsavory habit of bullying and most of the animals declare him guilty and deserving of punishment -- but Kimba insists that they have no real proof of his guilt. Undaunted, Kimba travels to the Toprungle Jungle to learn of the hippo's past. He finds that Clunker lost his tusks in a fight for supremacy with Boss Blackbrows -- but he also learns that the hippo is so frightened of thunder and lightning that he always runs and hides in a cave during a storm -- Hilda Heron has seen him do it. He returns home in time to prove Clunker innocent. Further proof arrives in the form of Harold himself -- the force of the storm had washed him downstream. The animals learn not to judge before all the facts are known, and Clunker learns that it is no shame to be afraid -- and silly to hide fear by bullying others. 34. JUNGLE FUN. An amusement park, with all kinds of rides and games, is a lot of fun. Building such a park, however, is a lot of work. The work isn't made any easier when the project is opposed by Kimba's arch enemy, the vicious lion, Claw. To help Claw, as usual, are Cassius the black panther, and the sneaky hyenas Tom and Tab. Though their tricks are many and their fighting ferocious, Kimba outsmarts and outfights them all. Claw recognizes that he has been beaten, but blames his defeat on his villainous friends. Before he leaves, he vows revenge, and tells Kimba to go ahead and destroy Cassius since the law of the jungle gives him that right. Kimba doesn't hold with such beastiality. Instead, he forgives Cassius, Tom and Tab, and agrees to protect them as long as they promise to amend their ways. They promise.....but will they? 35. THE PRETENDERS. Claw has vowed revenge because Kimba turned that vicious lion's hunting ground into an amusement park. True to his word, Claw sabotages the roller coaster and Kimba is seriously hurt. Meanwhile, the black panther, Cassius, and his buddies Tom and Tab, the hyenas, have joined Kimba's band and work very hard to improve the amusement park. They even build a theater and put on a revue. The purpose of the show, however, is to cause the other animals to rebel against Kimba. When their scheme is discovered, the unholy threesome capture Kimba's girlfriend, Kitty, and deliver her to their boss, Claw. Needless to say, Kimba wins out in the end, but not without effort. 36. THE MONSTER OF PETRIFIED VALLEY. Charlie and Harley Cheetah decide to investigate Petrified Valley. When Kimba arrives to rescue them he finds that they are paralyzed. What the animals had thought was the monster of the valley in reality is Colosso, the last survivor of a race of giant birds, the Brodos. Kimba decides to bring Colosso back to his jungle for safety. Alas, poor, clumsy Colosso has a terrible time adjusting to the jungle society -- he has lived alone all his life and doesn't know the importance of carrying his own weight (which is considerable). Many of the animals are so upset by his laziness that they demand he return to his valley so that they can live in peace. Over the objections of Kimba, Colosso begins his homeward journey and is lost in a landslide during a rainstorm. Colosso, the animals' giant friend, a creature of the past -- out of place and lonely -- was finally back where he wanted to be. At home in his own valley. 37. LEGEND OF HIPPO VALLEY. Hippo Valley is a magic place! The well dried up because the Kurdus killed a stranger who drank from it without asking permission. They built statues to their gods and prayed, but to no avail, so they had to leave. Long after, an old hippo, in need of a drink, found that water had returned to the well. He brought all his hippos to live in the valley, and it became their sacred place. Now there was another drought, and when Kimba and the animals tried to divert the river through the valley for irrigation, they were opposed by the hippos -- and even Kimba was hesitant to disturb their sacred place. But Cassius, the leopard, quick to seize any opportunity to create and encourage dissension in order to get rid of Kimba, urges Tusker Hippo to dispose of Boss Hippo, hurt Kimba and thus make Claw the lion the undisputed Boss of the Jungle. Boss Hippo realizes that water for the entire jungle is more important than legends and helps Kimba and the animals divert the river through their valley. Magically, water starts flowing from the well -- the jungle is saved! 38. VOLCANO ISLAND. The teachers and students of Kimba's school are off on a camping trip to Volcano Island. They make friends with the fish there and together they're making a playground when they're confronted by the mean Boss Rhino. Boss Rhino insists that Volcano Island is for Cousin Rhino and his Missus to have their baby and to live there together peacefully. He threatens to break up the playground and ban the animals and fish forever. Kimba challenges Boss Rhino to a fight to decide the issue. However, when the volcano erupts, Kimba and Boss Rhino combine forces to rescue Cousin, Missus and Baby Rhino from the island, thereby creating friendship once more among all the animals. 39. RUNNING WILD. Antelopes -- thousands of antelopes, hundreds of thousands of antelopes -- all running wildly to their doom. Such is the situation that faces Kimba. The advice that he receives is to do nothing, to let them go. Antelopes seem to lose all sense when they stampede, so they cannot be reasoned with. Why bother? But Kimba cannot sit idly by. He must try. Then, just when the herd seems to be slowing down and returning to more normal behavior, without warning a part of the mountain gives way and crashes down. Panic seizes the antelopes and the stampede is on! With tremendous effort, Kimba encourages the others to build a blockade. It works. Most of the antelopes are saved. 40. THE TROUBLEMAKER. Benny is a cute little baby ostrich. Benny likes Kimba. In fact, Benny likes Kimba so much that he wants to be with Kimba all the time. The trouble with that is that Benny has a very jealous grandfather called Big Ben. What's more, when he is mad, Big Ben strikes! The plot thickens when Kimba and his friends are attacked by a band of ferocious wolves and little Benny disappears. In truth, Benny goes for help. He brings his grandfather and a whole herd of ostriches that rout the wolves. Thus, the troublemaker becomes a big little hero, and Grandpa agrees to let his son study with Kimba, even if it spoils his natural ignorance!
Release date Australia
November 16th, 2005
Movie Format
  • DVD
DVD Region
  • Region 4
  • Standard Edition
Aspect Ratio
  • 1.33 : 1
Length (Minutes)
Supported Audio
  • Dolby Digital Stereo
Country of Production
  • Japan
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